Video is a Performance Powerhouse for Marketing and Communications

Chad Garbarini

In the fast-paced world of marketing and communications, video is an often underestimated yet indispensable force that seamlessly integrates into our marketing strategies and leaves a lasting impact. Video has the unique ability to captivate audiences through compelling storytelling, significantly increase reach and engagement, and enhance SEO strategies. Despite its sometimes-undervalued status, we’ll shed light on the comprehensive utility of video assets in marketing and communications and their multifaceted value. 

Numbers Tell the Story

Let’s talk numbers. Videos are not just content; they’re a performance powerhouse. According to recent stats, social media posts with videos have 48% more views. And on websites, videos increase user engagement and conversions by an impressive 80%. These statistics underscore the effectiveness of video in capturing and retaining audience attention. 

Curious about real-world examples? Videos have played a central role in successful campaigns for many of our clients, including Boston Scientific, Miach Orthopaedics, Family Heart Foundation, Silk Road Medical, and Rotation Medical, among others. In each of these campaigns, video was instrumental in generating many thousands of impressions, engagements and user actions.  

Videos are not just content; they’re a performance powerhouse.

Creating good videos is not just about presenting a brand effectively or storytelling, it’s also about expanding our reach. Social video generates 1,200% more shares than text and image content combined. By strategically aligning video content with specific goals and target audiences, we maximize the potential for widespread engagement. When targeting large consumer audiences, widespread engagement can occur as videos can be shared, re-shared, and go viral, often connecting with audiences far beyond our initial target. 

In a digital realm dominated by search engines, videos are not just content, they’re an SEO strategy. Websites with videos are 50 times more likely to be ranked on the first page of Google. So, when it comes to online visibility, videos are a powerful ally. 

People Love Watching

What makes videos so irresistible? It’s the emotional connection they foster. People love watching videos because they evoke feelings, tell stories, and create connections that text alone can’t achieve. In the “Happy Partners Agree” campaign for Boston Scientific, for example, we used a compelling animated video to help tell a story to a specific patient decision-maker audience. People are especially drawn to hearing from “someone like them” and in Miach Orthopaedics’ Comeback Community, we prominently feature videos that bring a diverse array of patient stories to life. Understanding the pulse of your audience is paramount. Crafting videos that resonate and leave a lasting impression can forge connections that extend beyond the screen.

Not a Campaign Extra

Gone are the days when videos were optional in marketing and communications plans. Today, they’re a cornerstone that fits seamlessly into different campaign types and amplifies our messaging. From awareness campaigns with ads or testimonials, to product launches with explainer videos or informative animation, videos are a versatile asset in our marketing arsenal. 

Videos aren’t one-size fits-all; they adapt to different platforms. Whether it’s concise storytelling on social media or in-depth narratives on websites and YouTube, videos enable us to share our brand stories consistently across diverse channels. 

Websites with videos are 50 times more likely to be ranked on the first page of Google.

Video Strategies for All Budgets

The beauty of incorporating videos into your marketing strategy lies in our ability to produce them at various budget levels. There is often a misconception that effective videos require a substantial financial investment. But the reality is that videos can be produced to accommodate both small and large budgets while still effectively achieving campaign objectives. According to a recent survey by Wyzowl, 96% of respondents see video as an important tool and the vast majority have a relatively modest spend for the average video. 

With advancements in technology and the rise of user-generated content, cost-effective options such as DIY videos or creative animations have become viable alternatives. Videos can be recorded via web meeting platforms such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams, or simply using mobile phones that are equipped with high-quality cameras.  

At Merryman Communications, we understand the nuances of healthcare, tailor our approach to individual client needs, and deliver videos that resonate with their target audience to create impactful results. 

As we navigate the fast-changing world of marketing and communications, one thing remains clear – the significant impact of video, not only as an essential tool to create more views, engagement and help people find us, but as a key part of creating engaging, people-centered brand messages. Contact us to discuss how we can help add campaigns that leverage video to your marketing mix. While you’re at it, check out our latest video to learn more about us.