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open quotation marks close quotation marks We are thrilled with the websites Merryman Communications created for both our pivotal study and our company. As these represented our first online presence, messaging was key. We are very happy not only with the look and feel of these websites, but that they capture what our pivotal study, and our company, is all about. We look forward to working with Merryman to communicate the results of our study and future company milestones.

Nat Bowditch
Executive Vice President, Scion NeuroStim

From Concept to Clicks:
Scion NeuroStim’s Website Development Journey

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Scion NeuroStim is a start-up company developing a home use, non-invasive treatment for Parkinson’s disease (PD) primarily focused on PD non-motor symptoms.

When Scion came to Merryman Communications, the company had very limited to no online presence. Their focus had been (and continues to be) rigorous scientific research to best define the role of its medical device in clinical practice. As Scion looked to begin its pivotal study, the company needed a website to help aid patient recruitment for its trial sites and educate about PD non-motor symptoms. Additionally, Scion needed a company website to build credibility among HCPs and current and future corporate audiences.

Not all website development projects need to be overly complicated or resource intensive. Working smarter, not harder is imperative when simple yet effective websites are needed.

From Concept to Launch

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1. Website Objectives

Understanding the objective for each of the websites was the first step. The websites would be complementary to each other, but they intended to reach different audiences and stakeholders.

  • Providing study information and location information to drive patient recruitment was the top objective for the clinical study website.
  • Introducing and positioning Scion to investors, the science community and PD patients and caregivers were key for the corporate website.

2. Message Foundation

We created key messages that aligned to Scion’s goals, values and showcased their commitment to science. These key messages provided the focus and foundation for each website’s content.

3. Flow & Functionality

We developed a site map, or a skeleton outline, of each website. The site map helps lay out a website’s content/section hierarchy and functionality.

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Image of Scion NeuroStim website screenshots

4. Tell the Story

We developed the content to tell the story, incorporating the key messages and leveraging key words from our analysis to optimize for search.

5. Look & Feel

We developed creative concepts for the websites’ look and feel, based on previous conversations and working sessions with the Scion team. Once the look and feel was agreed upon, it became the basis for each website’s design.

6. Coming to Life

The sites came to life as we integrated the content and design, did the backend programming and ensured they were ready to go live and be shared online.

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Image of STEM-PD website

The Results

The clinical study has had steady enrollment of participants and thanks to the study website it has helped Scion recruit appropriate patients.

Scion’s corporate website now provides stakeholders with an online resource about who they are, what values they represent, and a hub for future updates as the company continues to achieve important milestones along the path to future FDA submission and commercialization.