Miach Orthopaedics BEAR Implant Launch

Image of the Miach Orthopaedics BEAR Implant
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open quotation marks The efforts of the Merryman Communications team to create patient and physician awareness has been a major driver in our first year of commercialization. We are seeing more and more patients actively seeking out BEAR for their ACL repair. Additionally, we are having surgeons request to be trained on BEAR in order to meet patient demand; all of which is driven by our marketing and PR activities. close quotation marks

Arjun Ishwar
Vice President, Sales & Marketing
Miach Orthopaedics

Miach Orthopaedics Launches a BEAR-y Unique Treatment for ACL Tears

Miach Orthopaedics’ BEAR® Implant is the first treatment to clinically demonstrate that it enables healing of a patient's torn ACL. The implant has the potential to change the age-old standard of care, which is reconstructing the ACL by replacing it with a graft. To support commercial launch of the BEAR Implant, we leveraged our M-Powered integrated marketing approach focusing on Message, Multichannel and Metrics to conduct a controlled, market-by-market rollout that allowed Miach to manage and meet surgeon and patient demand.


Our storytelling strategy highlighted the simple differentiation about how the BEAR Implant works as a “Bridge to ACL Restoration.” We refreshed the brand with inspirational imagery to reflect restoration and healing, highlighting what is possible following BEAR surgery – an approach that stands out from other leading orthopedic companies. The new website with surgeon locator, marketing tools and materials leveraged the power of patient testimonials as well as animation and visuals.

screenshots of Miach Ortho website content


After launching with a multimedia news announcement, we celebrated first BEAR Implant procedures for each surgeon with organic social media posts. We supported all adopting surgeons with activities designed to increase awareness/consideration and drive patient traffic. In key markets, we also directly targeted prospective patients/families through search and social/digital advertising.

First Year Results by the Numbers


Screenshot of doctors and media outlet logos

early adopting customers supported with toolkit and/or local market media outreach

physicians featured in local media stories

BEAR 1sts featured on social media


Screenshot of media outlet logos

local, national and trade news stories

140 million
unique monthly visitors

6 million
TV/radio audience


Screenshot of social media logos

1.4 million


map clicks

unique website visitors

increase in social media followers

Most importantly, the company achieved revenues exceeding forecast for 2022. This success enabled Miach to close $40 million in financing at the beginning of 2023 to continue its U.S. launch.

Key Success Factors

  • Differentiating the implant from the standard of care with “heals the ACL” taglines customized for each audience ensured cohesive messaging
  • Engaging new customers and sharing PR toolkit expanded reach of campaign with local market media stories and social media posts that drove organic search and provided content for Miach social channels
  • Monitoring metrics and media environment enabled nimble campaign that was able to take advantage of opportunities as they were identified or presented